Professional Schools

At McKinley University, quality improvement takes place at every level. Our mission is to prepare our students to face the challenges of today's competitive market. At McKinley University, you can choose from the diverse and up to date majors and programs through our sixteen disciplines of study. To maximize your educational investment, we ensure that you are getting the best and updated curriculum which will enable you to apply this knowledge in your professional circumstances.

Diverse Majors At McKinley University

McKinley University offers an extensive range of diverse majors that are at par with any other conventional university. The different schools have their own related majors that you may find out by clicking on the respective school.

McKINLEY a leading online university offers over 70 majors from 16 different schools of studies. Our diverse faculty and students make significant contributions and serve as the backbone of the university's academic enterprise. The fields & majors offered at McKinley cover all the top choices of students and employers across the globe.

Below is a list of our exclusive schools:

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