Expert Faculty

At McKinley University, we know that the quality of our graduates not just depends on the content we provide for study, but also the focus needs to be mainly on the faculty. We completely accept this fact that the development and improvement of our students is based on the faculty of a university, and this is why we have put great emphasis on the standard of faculty we hire and accommodate at McKinley.

Visiting Faculty Members

We have a large number of visiting faculty which brings in industry experience at McKinley University and is also part of other esteemed universities. The reason for hiring visiting faculty is to keep our system updated and learn from these professors about how education is carried forward in other education institutions as well. These professors help us in planning course content, course structure, writing up recommendations for students and professionals, carry out workshops and training programs, and make the online education culture viable for students.

Permanent Faculty Members

McKinley University’s permanent faculty members are the backbone of our university because they are fully dedicated towards the McKinley University's mission of providing dedicated services to students and professionals. They assist the university in degree course management, evaluation of student credentials and preparation of exams etc. We recognize that a competent faculty will reap the benefits of online education more than expected.

All the faculty members are expected to perform these two important functions inorder to run online classroom smoothly;

  • Classroom Management: We keep on updating our course content with the help of our online course management system. This job is carried out by our faculty who manages our online class rooms and keeps students updated about the course content.
  • Student Assessment: : Student assessment and evaluation is given utmost importance by our faculty and administration. We devise examinations with the help of our faculty who then evaluate the standard of excellence for every student.
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